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Habitat's vision: a world where everyone has a decent place to live.


Your recycling means a lot!

  Did you know empty aluminum cans can become much, much more?

1 can = 1 nail

29 cans = 1 shingle

160 cans = 1 2x4 stud

720 cans = 1 gallon exterior white paint

10000 cans = 1 water heater

Perfect for your youth group, scout troop, or other organization looking for a community service opportunity -- Cleaning up the environment, reusing resources, and helping your neighbors.

Have a Recycling Box at your home or place of business

If you would like to save cans for Habitat, but have nowhere to collect them, we have a solution!

  • Just give us a call, and we will drop off a sturdy cardboard box with a lid. The lid has three can-sized holes in it, so that the empties can be dropped right into the collection liner inside. When the container is full, simply pull out the old liner and replace it with a new one.
  • The container measures 14" deep by 22" wide, and is 33" high and uses a standard 40 gallon trash liner.
  • Your full bag of cans can be dropped off at either of our Recycling Parters -- B&B Recycling in Portales, or Ed's Recycling in Clovis.

Not only Aluminum is Recycleable --

Bring us your old inkjet printer cartridges

In addition to aluminum can recycling, we have started a new recycling program!  Your old cell phones, PDAs, and printer ink cartridges can now help us raise money.

These items can be dropped off at our office at 620 West First (w/ Kiva Realty) in Portales.  You may also call our office at 575-359-1344 or email us at habitatrcc@yahoo.com and we will provide a collection box for your convenience, or arrange a way to pick up these items from you.

Thank you so much for your support!

Recycle at ReStore


Bring in your old printer cartridges, cell phones and PDA's.

We accept leftover paint and building materials from your latest projects. More Information

Recycle in Clovis

  Aluminum Can Recyling in Clovis

You may now drop your cans off at our Aluminum Can Trailer that is being hosted by our kind neighbors at Calvary Chapel, 1320 W 21st. You only have to pull up by the trailer and insert your cans through the door. We appreciate your support. 

Ed's Recycling

You may also drop off your aluminum cans at Ed's Recycling - 605 South Prince - in Clovis, and designate the proceeds to Habitat for Humanity.  100% of those proceeds will be paid directly to Habitat for Humanity of Roosevelt and Curry Counties. 

Bring your cans to Ed's Recycling and let them know they are for Habitat for Humanity.. It's that easy!! Thank you for your support!

Recycle in Portales


Your aluminum cans can be brought to two places in Portales: 

You may drop your cans off at our convenient trailer at our warehouse at 301 East First Street, Portales.

And also with the container located in the parking lot of our friends and neighbors C&S.

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  Larson Manufacturing is a valued, long-time provider of storm/screen doors to Habitat for Humanity, donating more than 3,000 units each year in the United States.
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