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Habitat's vision: a world where everyone has a decent place to live.


Outstanding Volunteers

These hard-working ladies and gentlemen personify the spirit of community that Habitat for Humanity hopes to promote in our neighborhoods.


Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not. ~Dr. Seuss




Star Volunteers! Over 1000 Lifetime Hours!!!

  • Joyce Davis   

  • Kathleen Salter

  • Joe Parie

  • Gary Rhode    

  • Jon Gove

  • Greg Senn

  • Vern Witten
  Over 500 Hours
  • Dan Gould    
  • Marge Rhode
  • Bill Brunsen
  Over 300 Hours
  • Vance Dewbre
  • Amanda Johnson
  • Harry Johnson
  • Mike Madsen
  • Charles Tosh
  • Danny Griffith
  • Mark Dodge
  • Luis Miramontes
  • Christopher Kearns
  Over 200 Hours
  • Jeremy Holcomb
  • Andy Johnson
  • Keith Michon 
  • Nick Peloquin    
  • Sherry Snyder
  • Brenna Davis
  • Mike Bischoff
  • Eric Lewis
  • Biunca Shelton
  • Kristen Kramer
  • Jeanette Martinez
  Over 150 Hours
  • Eric Aguilar
  • Sheri Armijo
  • Chris Bargas
  • Dave Griffith
  • Craig Maguire
  • Bob McKeand
  • Mandi Park
  • Randy Ricker
  Over 100 Hours
  • Glenn Belcher
  • Wanda Graham
  • Christian Hernandez
  • Ed Perales
  • Madison Porter
  • David Pratt    
  • Mike Rackler
  • David Rodriguez  
  • Christian Smith      
  • Gerald Smith 
  • Julian Vargas
  • Randy Ricker
  • Eric Lewis
  • M. Amy Hawkins
  • David Pratt
  • Hannah Morris
  • Orrin Dewbre
  • Kim Dewbre
  • Rebbeca Rhode
  • Mike Grey
  • Ed Perales
  • Melveta Walker
  • Mike Rackler
  • W. Kevin Ham

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact our office at 575-359-1344 or email us.
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